It’s kind of funny though, right? Blogging 101 Day 2

So, I know. My site title and tagline explain nothing other than how to pronounce said site title. But I kind of like it as is. If I must explain the name, here goes:

My mom is from Denmark. MUS means mouse in Danish. Because I am the youngest child and somewhat small in stature (5’2″! Woo woo) my mom has always called me Mandee Mus. Or Little One. There aren’t many people in my life that call me by my name. I have MANY nicknames. Here are a few for fun:

1. Mandee Mus

2. Bubba (what my dad, sisters, nieces, nephews, and best friend call me)

3. Movie 

4. DP (for Danish Pastry. Not Dr. Pepper, though I can see where the confusion comes from. I’m actually confused about where Danish Pastry comes from. But alas. It’s there.)

5. Mus-ey

and to keep this post somewhat short…

6. Muskins. A combination of mus and pumpkin.

So, it felt right to have a nickname as my site title. I have so many different names from all over, and this blog will also be a little all over the place. Works, right? 

Let’s end with a cute picture of me as 4 year old Mus. I’m dressed as a cat for Halloween. Cat. Mouse. I guess I appreciated irony from a very young age!



Hello World! Or…my first assignment on “Blogging 101”

Am I a day late posting? Oh goodness, I have been so sick the last few days and didn’t check my email. I hope I don’t get a bad grade 😉

Hello blogging world. I already posted a few things last week, but this will perhaps be my first official post. My introduction. When the assignment asked why I started a blog, there were so many things that came to mind. I started writing in my moleskine (what I’m used to. This typing my thoughts down is quite foreign to me!). Eventually, it boiled down to wanting to be connected to other people.

I have only very recently started feeling as though I’m not very interesting anymore and that I have nothing to say. That idea (whether true or false) had such an impact on me. I don’t ever want to be the person who just goes through the motions of life without ever living.

When people ask me “what’s new?” I want to have an answer.

I have such a difficult time opening up. It makes connecting with people impossible at best. I know I am missing out. There are so many incredible people in the world who have their own stories to share and wisdom to impart. I feel like I make people go through the gauntlet before I even entertain the thought of trusting them. Maybe that is good? But it feels bad.

I want to feel connected to the world again.

As for the direction I hope this blog goes? I have no idea. I just felt like I needed to do it. Maybe to meet other people and listen to their stories. Or maybe to meet myself? Finally?

Whatever happens, I’m sure it will change me. Or at least I hope so. I want to be more open. More social. More optimistic. More creative. More loving, accepting, compassionate.

I look forward to *hopefully* meeting some wonderful new people. Introduce yourself in the comments, I truly would love to meet you.

And in the end, if none of these things come to fruition, maybe I will at least become a better writer.

All good things!

OITNB and GOT watching = Character Building. Right guys?

Daily writing prompting is wondering about my bad habits. I came up with a non-comprehensive list.

  1. Leaving clothes on the floor
  2. Not quickly emptying the garbage
  3. Not making the bed
  4. Watching a lot of shows on Netflix and HBO
  5. Eating the last of the raspberries and blaming it on my husband
  6. Not watering my Peace Lily until it is super droop
  7. Getting ornery

I would like to change all of these things and I know I can do it! But maybe they add character. So I better not.

One month strong!

It has officially been one month since I convinced the best human ever to marry me. Woo woo woo (fist pumping the air like a frat boy). I have signed up for a “Blogging 101” course so hopefully not all my posts will be so short and uninteresting. I would just love to get in the habit of “memory keeping and writing down somewhere so I can read it later in life to my someday kids who probably won’t care” and have pictures too. 🙂