Book Review – So, Anyway… by John Cleese


Let me start off by saying I LOVE John Cleese. Love him so much. My husband had gotten a sample of this book on his Kindle and seemed to like the sample. So, naturally, I was very excited to see this as an option for me to review! With that now off my chest, I didn’t LOVE this book 😦

As I’m sure is the case for most of us that were born AFTER 1980, I know John Cleese best from the Monty Python shows. I was disappointed that his days as a “Python” are not talked about much at all in this autobiography. Looking at it now, I was silly to assume that most of the book would be about such a short period of his life – 15 years max. But my goodness was I hoping. There are, however, plenty of hilarious little one liners in this book to keep it going that had me laughing out loud.

While the rest of his life was definitely interesting, I feel there were a lot of stories, tangents, rabbit-trails that could have been omitted to make the book a tad smaller. This is quite a long book. I hate to say that towards the end, I wasn’t dying to pick it up and finish it. The more pages I read, the more I realized that this book would not chronicle Monty Python in nearly as much detail as I hoped for.

I know that John Cleese is talented and recognized outside of Monty Python, and I am grateful to this book for helping me realize just how many other projects he had been involved in. Even though I didn’t recognize the names of a lot of the people he talked about (who were quite famous back then) it DID get me excited to look up some of the sketches that were mentioned. It also gave me a much greater understanding of one of my favorite comedy writers of all time which helps me to enjoy Monty Python all the more.

I just cannot give this book 3 stars. I can’t seem to do that to someone I’ve loved since childhood. I now feel like I know him more intimately and can appreciate his work more greatly. So, I must give my favorite Python 4 stars. It was nice meeting you, John Cheese.


“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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