It’s not called FAT – it’s called TRADITIONALLY BUILT!

  Sometimes there are books that come into your life that change you. In my case, it has been a series of books. They make you laugh, think, change. I am in love with The No. 1 Ladies  Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. My goodness they are so wonderful 🙂 It’s funny, actually, how they came into my life. When my husband and I were on our very first date, we decided to go to Barnes and Noble since we both love books. Since he is from Zambia, he was showing me some books about Africa to introduce me more to the culture. He told me I should read the first book from The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. To his surprise (and one of the ways I was able to snag him 😉 ) I bought the book that day. I am now on book 11 of the series and couldn’t love the stories or characters more. They remind you of a more simple life. A good life where enjoying a cup of tea with a friend is the highlight of your day. And they are FUNNY. Anyway, I’m going to start putting quotes on here from the books I am reading. The things that stick out to me so I can read and re-read them when I want to. 

Here are some from book 11 – Tea Time for the Traditionally Built:

“If we worried away at troublesome issues, we often only ended up making things worse. It was far better to let things sort themselves out.”

“There was much that could be said without speaking, especially amongst women. A glance, a movement of the head, a slight shift in pose – all of these could convey a message as eloquently, as volubly, as words might do.”

“You will learn one day, maybe soon, that what others do is never an excuse. Have you not heard of turning the other cheek?”

“You must never make a man feel that he is being told what to do. He will run away. I have seen that happen so many times.”

“Mma Ramotswe was always the first to arise in the morning, and she enjoyed the brief private time before the others would get up and start making demands of her.”

“There is plenty of work for love to do. Yes, there was breakfast to be made, letters to be answered…”

“…cars and vans were usually the preoccupation of men, while women thought of keeping families going, of the home, of making the world a bit more beautiful and comfortable, of the stemming of humanity’s tears.”

“Men will be boys….especially when it comes to sporting matters.”

“When we dismiss or deny the hopes of others, we forget that they, like us, have only one chance in this life.”

“He was not one for displays of emotion; he never had been, but it made his heart swell to be thanked by this woman who stood for so much in his eyes; who stood for kindness and generosity and understanding.”

“Visitors spent so much time peering through the viewfinders of their cameras that they never looked at the country they were photographing.”

So folks, I’m sad I didn’t start doing this with the very first book. This series truly has made me a better person. Or at least made me want to be a better person. Check them out and devour all of them. They will make you happy 🙂 Seriously.