Book Review – Liar, a memoir…by Rob Roberge


I think I liked this book? I’m still not quite sure. I do know it was hard to put down. Yet, I’m not sure how I feel about the content. After finishing it, I had the hardest time starting my review. I’ve never had a book that I was so into that left me so…..speechless. Raw, really.

This is a very dark, depressing, blunt book. With that said, you end up caring so much about the author that you’re almost mad at him for living a life like this when you know he is capable of so much more.

The almost diary like memory blurbs are a very clever way to structure the story. The way the author jumps from 1984 to 2013 and then back to 1976 gives you a small glimpse of how his mind must work – rapid firing and quite jumbled. Writing in second person also makes the story seem intensely intimate. Relatable. Even though you know you’ve never had a life that resembles ANY of this. Or have you? Has he? Or is all of this something he has told himself for so long in his (not always so frequent) moments of clarity that it has now become his truth? The past, after all, is just a story we tell ourselves. Is that why this book is titled “Liar”?

In any event, it makes for an interesting read. It gives the reader a better understanding of addiction and mental illness. In Roberge’s case, I’m wondering: which came first? The addictions or the mental illness? They both started at such a young age.

If these stories are in fact true and this is his attempt to write down the things he remembers for fear he may one day have no memory at all, I am heart broken that 90% of his life was so devastatingly dark. This is what he remembers. With that said, he is inspiring and I am truly amazed he is still alive to tell this story.

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