Wrestling with Hope+Contentment. Thoughts?

Lately, I have been so consumed with the idea of contentment. I have read many great articles and blogs on the subject. One of the best you can find here. I often feel that contentment is something that most people WANT to achieve, however, they go about it all the wrong ways. It is a constant…

“Yes, as soon as I get (fill in the blank) everything will be OK and I will finally be content”

I read a great post by eclecticaffect about hope. I loved the post and it got me thinking.

Can you be content but also have hope? Hope that things will be different someday? It boggled me a bit. I have been chasing after contentment (which is already going about contentment the wrong way. But how can you achieve contentment unless you’re discontented with being discontent? Hmmm…you see? Mind boggling)

I believe that you can. I am starting to realize that contentment is great for the individual but maybe quite dangerous for the world. I want to be content with the material things I already possess. Be content with who I am. But I am not content with all the shootings in the US, the wars in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq…the Boko Haram Insurgency, etc.

I hope that being content with all that I have will help me to more readily see the needs of others. If I’m not content, I am too focused on what I want. What I feel I “need”. I don’t NEED the new iPhone. Others need clean drinking water.

I pray that my search for contentment and also my eventual contentment with myself and my surroundings will never make me blind to the plight of others.

Obviously, I am still working this out in my own mind. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on this! What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Wrestling with Hope+Contentment. Thoughts?

  1. But how can you achieve contentment unless you’re discontent with being discontent? Hmmm….you see? Mind boggling

    What a paradox! I am definitely feeling the same way. I’m content with the present for me personally but not content with the world being on self-destruction. I guess depending on the category, the level of contentment is different. For example, I am content with having a SUV. Yet I am discontent with the amount of gas the SUV uses. The overall contentment level is different but I am still content. 🙂

    See I’m still working on this also!!

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  2. I believe we become content when our minds are quiet and free of desire, primarily materialistic desire. All too often we want something and as soon as we get it we want something else. Going from desire to desire we are anything but content.

    I think contentment also comes when we focus on what we need instead of what we want.

    I think when we become content with what we have, we will find that peace we are looking for. We will also have the space inside of us to help others get what they need.

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