9000 sheep. And I think Coca Cola Freestyle should hire me. 

One week down with Blogging 101! Has been fun so far, but I am still testing the Internet waters to see how warm they are. If I can trust it. I tend to still write in my handy dandy notebook (my moleskine). It’s safe and comfortable. And the sound of my pen moving across the paper inspires me somehow. I’m trying to convince myself that the tapping of my thumbs on my small iPhone keyboard have the same magical ability. I’m getting there 🙂

C (I’m calling my husband that. It may seem so 2005 to not name your spouse in your blog, but again, I’m testing the waters)


C decided a 10:30 showing of the new James Bond movie would be a good idea last night.

I’ve been (purposely) sound asleep by 10:00 every night for a month. I have enjoyed my blissful 9 hours of sleep each night and the feeling of restfulness that greets me with a metaphoric smile and a cup of coffee the next morning. However, he LOVES James Bond. He has even been listening to all the past James Bond theme songs for the last week to ready himself for this opening night. I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I decided to prepare myself. I would just take a 3 hour nap BEFORE the movie. Easy peasy!

It was all planned and set. C even made dinner and brought it in to me at 6:30 sharp. I needed to be asleep by 7:00, so being served dinner in bed was necessary…… Duh! (He is the best) ten minutes to 7:00, C kindly left the room so I could begin my sleep marathon. I fell asleep at approximately 7:03. And slept and slept until…..



Now, anyone who knows me knows I.CAN.SLEEP. I didn’t think this 3 hour nap would be my Everest. So, a little embarrassed by my pathetic power nap, I shut my eyes again and tried to force myself back to dreamland.

I counted the crap out of those sheep.

All 9000 of them.

I had failed miserably. So, I got up, gulped down some strong black coffee, created a new Coca-Cola Freestyle mix (cleverly named musey-goosey), put my big girl pants on, and left to face my destiny. I just knew I would be doing the fall asleep head bobbing for the next 2 1/2 hours.

BUT, I managed! I stayed awake the entire time. I don’t think C has ever been more proud of me. I was the super cool wife who goes with her husband to see James Bond at 10:30 on imax! Wa wa woo wa.

Now, I am enjoying my lazy Saturday with my lazy Mia. The air outside is crisp and smells of wet leaves and all things pumpkin spice. It’s begging me to make some coffee and take a drive up one of the beautiful canyons. Nowhere does Fall the way Utah does. I dare you to argue that.


A Mia bum. She is trying to soak up as much sun as possible before winter comes.


4 thoughts on “9000 sheep. And I think Coca Cola Freestyle should hire me. 

  1. This was me during the new Fantastic Four movie. I tried so so hard but out I was after 30 minutes. I made it through the new Bond movie. I enjoyed it! Great read and beautiful photo!

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