For real. HOW ARE YOU? Counting this as Blogging 101 Day 4. It’s allowed I think.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about why I decided to start a blog. I mentioned that I wanted to have an answer if someone were to ask “What’s new?”

For whatever reason, that has been in my head since I posted it. I want my answer to that question to be interesting. I want to be interesting. But I feel quite selfish because the question that has been haunting me the last few days is:


Honestly ask them. Sure, I will ask the obligatory “how have you been?” But do I really sit and listen to what they have to say? Really listen? It actually broke my heart to realize that no, I don’t ask that question and ready myself for a long answer. I expect the quick “I’m great!” and am taken aback if I get anything longer than a 2-3 word answer. It’s as though we are all conditioned to have small niceties with each other and to NEVER invest too much of ourselves or our time in other people. Heaven forbid! I am too busy and can’t be bothered to listen for too long.

I don’t want to be that way anymore. From now on, I hope I make people feel important whenever I interact with them. Not absent-minded while they’re telling me about how sick their dog is, or even while they’re listing every single ingredient from their dinner last night.

Let’s just be nice from now on. And care about people again, shall we?

On another note, I didn’t post anything for Blogging 101 Day 4 yesterday. So I’m counting this as my post. I still have no idea who my target audience is. But it’s you! Whoever is reading this! Welcome and I love you. By the way, HOW ARE YOU?!



6 thoughts on “For real. HOW ARE YOU? Counting this as Blogging 101 Day 4. It’s allowed I think.

  1. A great post, thank you. In the last year or so I’ve been trying very hard to be a better friend. I make a diary note of events in my friends’ lives (doctors appointments, outings etc.) so I can remember to message them to find out how things went. It’s made a huge difference in my relationships. Everyone wants be be heard/made to feel like they matter. Thanks for reminding us of this!!!


  2. I love the vibrancy of your site and I love the big picture. I use 2015 theme and one of the things I really like about it is that you get to set a different featured image each day. All of my posts begin with a lovely big picture and that has become one of the most enjoyable things about creating a post for me. Come and visit and tell me what you think.

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    1. Oh yay! Someone who appreciates the big picture 🙂 Maybe I will try a different theme that allows for lots of pictures like yours. Your site looks great by the way! The colors are beautiful and work very well together. Thanks for your feedback!

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